BIBD YES! PRESS CONFERENCE | 10th November 2020

BIBD Youth Empowerment Summit (YES!) 2020 

12 and 13 December 2020 

Jerudong International School  


1. Why is BIBD taking on the role of a Host Sponsor this year?

BIBD has been supporting the youth in Brunei through it’s Advocating Life-Long Learning for Aspiring Future (ALAF) initiative since 2013. We see this collaboration as an extension of our reach to a wider youth audience in Brunei to underscore our commitment to helping underprivileged but deserving students to become well-educated and highly skilled future leaders of Brunei. 

Youth Empowerment Summit had been able to attract a diverse number of outstanding youth leaders from around the world, with achievements that are highly relevant and transferrable for the youth in Brunei. Supporting this cause will further expedite the growth of our youth in Brunei, hence we are committed to help take Youth Empowerment Summit to the next level this year with our time and resources.

2. How does BIBD add value to YES! this year?

On top of contributing key financial resources to the conference, we will be deploying our leaders to share their experiences at BIBD YES! Our HR Team will be providing tips in helping the youth to tackle how to market themselves in a job interview, as well as that, our Chief Human Resource Officer, Habibah Harry will be sharing on her insights on what the workplace of the future will look like, in the Future of Work in the Post Covid-19 world.

We are also excited about dedicating our BIBD ALAF vicinity for two of the Day 2 morning sessions. We look forward to a meaningful and inspiring evening with the youth, and finding out about their aspirations and key learnings from the two-day summit.

3. What role has BIBD played in supporting the youth of Brunei?

In line with the objective of Brunei Vision 2035 of developing into a nation that will be widely recognised for the accomplishments of its well-educated and highly skilled people, and BIBD’s own conviction that education and learning is a significant foundation of nation building, BIBD launched in 2013 the initiative Advocating Life-Long Learning for Aspiring Future (ALAF). 

BIBD ALAF’s primary programme is providing financial and academic support for deserving students to pursue further studies in notable international universities and institutions. To date, 240 students have been given such opportunities. In addition, BIBD ALAF also runs and supports capacity building programs, specially in equipping students with coding, robotics and other ICT related skills  

4. What is BIBD’s long term vision for impacting the youth in Brunei?

Our goal is to help groom the youth in Brunei by giving everyone an equal opportunity to excel regardless of their background. This is consistent with our practice with BIBD ALAF, Community For Brunei, and now BIBD YES!

We are less interested in a one-off program once a year than coming up with ongoing initiatives that make an impact to the youth throughout the year. Leading up to the conference, we launched 20 weeks of BIBD YES! Career Webinar, interviewing industry leaders from Game Designers to Engineers to Publishers to Legal Professionals, engaging hundreds of youth stuck in their home during COVID-19 to think about their future career. The content is readily accessible on

We will continue to develop this relationship to mentor and guide the youth to be an effective contributor of the society in the future.


1. Why is Progresif supporting Youth Empowerment Summit two years in a row?

We co-hosted the first Youth Empowerment Conference in 2019, and played a key role to help kickstart the event and made it a success. We continue to show our support this year by being a key supporter as a Platinum Sponsor and Knowledge Partner.

Youth Empowerment Conference 2019 had been able to bring a host of incredible speakers to the table, and as a result, gave birth to Progresif Minds, a media platform that shares personal development content through podcast on Progresif Media.

All the conference content from last year’s event is now accessible on our platform, not just for the Bruneian audience, but for anyone around the world.

We are excited about the prospect of building more exciting content with this collaboration with Curious Mind.  

2. Tell us about the role that Progresif Mind plays in this year’s YES!

We’ll be contributing our full media support for this year’s event. We are also supporting the development of the program by dedicating the expertise and time of our executives as speakers. We will be  contributing to a spirited session on Creating Smart City: 

A workshop on Team Work, Creativity and Entrepreneurship creative and team work on creating Smart City on the Day 2 breakout session, which will be headed by our Director of Human Capital, Mohamad Yazdi Yahya. As well as that, our Director of Sales, Junaidi Bahrum will be sharing his insight on the Future of Work on the panel discussion on Day 1. 

3. What youth related support can we expect from Progresif in the coming years?

Our promise of keeping CSR as the center of what we do is a full-hearted one, and since earlier this year we launched a campaign to get everyone involved too. Progresif One Percent Pledge is based on the idea that if we all did a little bit, there is no limit to the progress we can make in this world. 

The One Percent Pledge commits to giving back one percent to the communities we serve through supporting all 4 CSR pillars. 

This year, we want to elevate that initiative and structure it in a way that every single person…the parents and students, our youth… can start contributing their 1%. Whether it is by funding, or time through volunteerism, or even in just the act of giving or passing on the message about our pledge through social media. 

We have just signed an agreement with MOE earlier in September and one of the big goals here is to expand the one percent pledge across students. Teaching students the act of giving back to the community will give our future children purpose, set them up for success as citizens of our world, and inspire in them a drive to do well and succeed in life.

We all know that every campaign or initiative takes a while to process but progress never rests and we all have to start somewhere and what better way to start than with the youth.


1. What can we expect from BIBD YES! 2020?

·  COVID-19 has forced us to reinvent the way the Summit is conducted.

·  YES! consists of two major breakthroughs that we would never otherwise have imagined had it not been for COVID-19. These are: 

o   Smaller onsite audience, but wider participation virtually with 20 schools participating in the live-streaming sessions.

o   Reaching out to the brightest and the best speakers from around the world, at their doorsteps.

·  In essence, we have taken a page out of the future conference playbook and applied it to the present. We are able to access outstanding speakers from around the world to speak to our audience, who are otherwise not available to fly for any reason.

2. What is the central focus of this year’s theme?

·  The theme of this year is “It’s Your Turn” – rallying youth to step up, and take leadership to make changes to themselves and the community now, – not when they have grown up.

·  Resilience, Crisis Management and Adaptability. Focusing on skills  that youth should develop in an ever changing world. 

·  We will also be dedicating a segment of the conversation on Mental Health, a pressing issue that is made more prevalent with the chaos that is going on around the world.

3. Who is the target audience for BIBD YES! and why?

·  Youth, ages 15 – 25. These are the pre-university, university students and the young graduates that are stepping into the workforce.

·  Equipping the youth to be more marketable and employable in the workforce is at the center of our calling. This is the group of people who will get into the workforce within the next 5 years. We want to teach them the additional skills that are not covered in the everyday academic curriculum through the outstanding role models from Brunei and beyond.

4. How is the Summit different from the year before?


·  In 2019, we had 700 students in participation. This year, we are anticipating 350 participants including the speakers and organisers as we are following closely, the Social Distancing measure. It will be a more intimate and interactive setting that allows for deeper two-way conversations with a smaller audience.


·  Last year’s program was themed: Own your Future, encouraging the youth to be accountable for their future, emphasizing on the need to develop Global Mindset, Future of Work and Values.

·  This year, we narrow it down to the more practical aspect of developing the youth’s skillsets, where we focus on helping the youth to develop Leadership skills, Life Skills and Impact.


·  The program was designed and further fine tuned according to the feedback from the audience last year. Instead of having one set of breakout classes, we doubled that this year, with one in the morning and another in the afternoon. This will allow for the audience to have more in-depth and interactive learning during workshop style classes.

·  We have two specific sessions dedicated to Mental Health, as depression and other psychological related issues were some of the most requested topics from our audience’s feedback last year.

·  Speakers. Aside from the international speakers, we have local leaders taking on Keynote roles, discussing more relevant local case studies with local role models that the audiences can relate to.

5. What outcome are you anticipating from this event? How is it going to impact the youth?

Our ultimate goal is to achieve a shift in the youth’s mindset. We are mindful that it is impossible to cramp everything into a two-day event. However, we will be showing them where the keys are, and how to access them by asking the right questions, with no shortage of outstanding role models to inspire the youth.

Through the support of our sponsors, we will be strengthening the relationships built with the audience, and launch a collaborative effort to enhance further personal development and social impact to the community with the youth.

6. What are some of the things the schools should take note of, to ensure the students get the most out of this Summit?

 Announcement to Schools

Today, we will be handing to you 3 items:

Things to bring back:

  • BIBD YES! Poster – 3 Copies each – we hope you’d be able to prominently display them on your notice board
  • Banners – in order to create a consistent atmosphere for our Virtual Class, we have printed banners for the School’s display during the Virtual Class. The banner is labeled under your school’s name. We would appreciate if you could bring it back.
  • Certificate – the Certificate for physical participations with your students’ name have been printed and will be distributed in advance for your keeping. We ask for your cooperation to hold on to them for distribution to the students after the conference.  We will send you a note to confirm your students’ participation for you to release the cert.
  • At your discretion, we encourage for your school to host a BIBD YES! Graduation ceremony to present the certificate. And invite the attendees to share with their classmates on the lessons they have learned. I, along with the sponsor will be happy to be present for the ceremony, if you would like our presence and support.

Virtual Class Announcement

  • We will be passing you the students’ Certificate of Participation for Virtual participants before the end of November, after we have received the full list of virtual participants from you.
  • What if there are additional last minute participants?- kindly give us their name we can add them in.
  • We rely on the school to verify that the students have participated at least 2 hours to receive the Certificate of Virtual Participation.

7. How can the schools play more role during the conference, instead of being a passive participant?

BIBD YES! Exhibition 

We are inviting your school to take part in the BIBD YES! Exhibition, which is entitled the YOUTH MAKING AN IMPACT. It will be a showcase of our Youth’s Dream for a Better Future through the lens of the different themes, industries and possibilities. There will be a total of eight (8) slots allocated for this exhibition, hence you will need to propose your ideas to be shortlisted. 

The theme of the exhibition may be any of the following: 

·   The Future of Environment & Sustainability

·   The Future of Health

·   The Future of Work

·   The Future of Education

·   Smart City

·   Creative Industry 

·   Sports

·   Future of Food Security

If you choose to participate in the exhibit, three to five of your students who have been nominated to participate at the conference will be creating the exhibit, and present their ideas to the Guest of Honor for about 5 minutes. 

Please let us know in your response on your expression of interest to participate, and the theme in which your school will present. Deadline is Saturday, 14th November 2020. 

Feel free to call me if you require any clarification on any of the above.