Masrhiem Taufek at Youth Empowerment Conference 2019

First published 28th March 2020

Masrhiem contributed an inspiring video message to our blog. You can watch it here!

Video Highlight:

“If you want to play video games whole day…
By all means.
the Winners (who come out of this challenging times)
are the Youth who are choosing to Do Something about it now.
No matter how small.”

Masrhiem Taufik

Masrhiem Taufik is the CEO and Founder of Esca Marine & Engineering, an oil and gas company started with just a handful of employees but has now expanded to become a company with 68 employees. He is active in the youth development where he helped found and set up the Youth Development Support Group (2005) and Korperasi Belia Kitani (2007)  that supports various projects under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. In 2006, he was sent to attend the UNESCO World Youth Conference in Paris, where he wrote a report to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports on implementing the ‘National Service’. He owns and founded 5 other companies and co-founded a lifestyle magazine in Sabah called Breeze Magazine.