Repost from 1st April 2020

Dear Friends,

Hope you are keeping sane and healthy during this crazy time!

Like you, I have been stuck at home feeling bored, helpless and anxious over everything I read on social media. On the other hand, however, I am also having the time of my life doing things that I normally don’t get a chance to do – like losing myself in the game of Monopoly with my two daughters, giggling and poking fun at each other, totally forgetting about time. During different time of the day, I will  find myself starring out the window letting my mind wander about what the future may hold and reflect.

Amongst the many thoughts that came to mind at the window, I thought about the youth whom I have met and made a commitment to impact and inspire.

I thought about You.

And I cannot begin to imagine what must be going through your mind right now?

Instead of guessing about what you’re thinking, I thought I’d start a dialogue with you to create a positive momentum in the time of confusion, uncertainty and fear. I invite you to let’s ask questions together, let’s figure out how we can collectively take leadership in making a difference to the community from our home, however small it may be.

This is what I’m doing as a first step!

I am rallying together all the speakers that have spoken at our previous conference as well as the upcoming speakers for our Youth Empowerment Summit later this year to share their wisdom by asking them some questions that may challenge you and keep your day at home purposeful.

The answers are coming in as we speak. For me, the most interesting part is to read some totally opposing perspectives to the same question from different people whom I admire. That’s the beauty of being in the real world. Unlike school, there is no one correct answer to score distinction. However, together we can provide a degree of perspective, comfort and encouragement to each other and find a common solution.

That’s what gives me hope in time of crisis, a time when we see the best in humanity, where we are at our most creative and where we get to witness first hand the display of resilience, courage and strength from people from all walks of life.

Charles Darwin noted that it is not the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Instead of feeling helpless, let’s adapt to this new reality, develop our resilience and get out of the crisis stronger than we have ever been before!

Please feel free to send me any questions, so I can direct them to your mentors!  Can’t wait to share with you all the interviews in the coming days.