Sharing the Philosophy of Mamba Mentality
Group Photo with the Champions representing Brunei on the International stage at Brunei’s National Sports School
Mr Matt Letham (C) and the coaches and trainers in the Sports School

We had the opportunity to talk to Sekolah Sukan, a place that trains the best of the best athletes in Brunei that will represent the future of sports of this nation about our up coming BIBD Youth Empowerment Summit.

We spend the first half of the conversation centering on how to be the best in the world by studying the late Kobe Bryant’s work ethic and champion mindset.

We discussed about the importance of consistency, basics and single minded focus by studying some video clips of this legend.

Here are the clips for your reference!

A Lesson From Kobe – Alan Stein

Jr.Jay Williams on Kobe’s insane work ethic

THE MINDSET OF A WINNER | Kobe Bryant Champions Advice

Kobe Bryant Mamba Mentality – It’s just Math

Kobe Bryant | His “Final” Message to the World on Fatherhood

These lessons are not only applicable in sports. They are every bit as relevant, if you want to be the top 1% in the world in whatever field you choose to pursue.

Hope you can heed the hidden gems from the videos!