Reuben Chin moderating a session at YEC 2020

First published: 30th March 2020

Editor’s Note

I am an interview junkie. Not only do I listen to every interview I can get to on a daily basis, I study to great details how the masters ask great questions, the nuances and even their tone of voice used that makes a conversation impactful.

I believe in the immense power of asking good questions in shaping the future. Which is why our slogan at Curious Mind spells; “Inspiring Greatness, One Question at a Time!”

Naturally, as you would expect, I have high expectations when it comes to selecting role models in this field. Our next feature, Reuben is an interviewer whom I have high admiration for, and whose wit I aspire to inherit, and skills I secretly copied. Like many unknown talents from this country, Reuben can easily be one of the A-List interviewer in the region, if discovered.

Those who attended his spirit session on the Future of Work at our YEC last year will understand what I mean. We have been privileged to secure Reuben again for our YES! 2020 this year. But first, Reuben’s succinct Whats App response to the questions presented to him.

(I wish I could answer just as eloquently as him too!)

Hope you enjoy!

Let’s adapt,

Q&A with Reuben Chin

 1/ What mindset should our youth adopt during this trying period of global pandemic?

Cautious Optimism. Doom and gloom won’t do anyone any good. Neither will blind optimism.

2/ The theme of the 2020 YES! conference is “It’s Your Turn!” How can the youth step up to make a difference during this difficult time?

Let’s do our part, listen to the authorities and cultivate an optimistic mindset. After all, we still have work to do after this pandemic.

3/ How can young people best utilize their time being locked down at home? What do you recommend doing? What not to do?

Do – learn whatever you didn’t have time to learn. There are more learning resources online now than any point in time.
Don’t – Waste this time!

4/ What opportunities can we derive from this crisis?

Let’s spare a moment to understand that around the world, there are families affected by this crisis.
But every dark cloud comes with a silver lining. I believe that once the critical stage is over, governments, companies and organisations will re-evaluate and streamline their processes to be better prepared.

5/ What is your reason for optimism for 2020?

Optimism doesn’t need a reason! It’s an emotion, not logic.

6/ What inspires you?

Other people’s tenacity, stoicism and productivity. Always makes me feel that I should do more!

7/ What is the central message that you have for the youth of Brunei during your talk later this year?

You have more control over your life than you think. Seriously.

About Reuben
Reuben Chin helps people disagree and debate so we can build a more innovate world together. He is an ICT Manager at Ericsson Brunei.
In his past careers, he has: Sold complex financial instruments to people smarter than himself as a banker.Had his work as a part of a public exhibition by the National Geographic Channel as a photographer.Learnt to teach young adults as a university lecturer.Empowered over 7,000 people to communicate and collaborate better as a corporate trainer & behavorial