Daniel Wong at Youth Empowerment Conference 2019. Watch our interview with Daniel here

First Published 27th March 2020

Q&A with Daniel Wong
Managing Director
CIC Environmental Services

1/ What mindset should our youth adopt during this trying period of global pandemic? 

Stay safe and vigilant. 

Being safe and healthy allow us to have the opportunity to combat against this or any virus (or challenges); we can’t do much if we are sick (or dead). 
Being vigilant is to be able to use our intelligence and common sense to differentiate credible messages from fake ones. Hoaxes have been circulated largely in the social media which is creating unnecessary fear and tension and attracting negative energy. To win is to have the positive energy, faith and intention.

2/ The theme of the up coming conference is “It’s Your Turn!” How can the youth step up to make a difference during this difficult time?

Many youth have accessed to a lot of information which their parents or guardians do not due to work or other activities. Youth can play a vital role by channeling those credible information or knowledge to adults. 
This not only enhances the interacting time together, less time from screens, but the more that you share and discuss, the more knowledgeable you become. How you use your knowledge will be the key to your success!

3/ How can young people best utilize their time being locked down at home? What do you recommend doing? What not to do?

Reflection on what you have been through for the past one, two years or even longer, and plan what would you like to be doing in short, medium or long term would be a great start. Do plenty of research. These type of life journey takes time and requires self solidarity. Write these in a journal for you are writing your own life chapter that will help to steer your course along the way.

4/  What have you personally been doing being confined to your home that is really meaningful and interesting?

Every crisis has its silver lining. The key is to quiet my mind and identify those opportunities. By practicing social distancing, I have spent some great and quality time with my family; learning from them and sharing what I have been through. 

5/ What opportunities can we derive from this crisis?

My starting point would be what and how I can contribute in the light of the crisis. From that I can be the “opportunity” itself.

6/ What is your reason for optimism for 2020?

2020 would not just be a great year but a great decade to come! Despite difficult start, if we would like the year or decade ended to be a big bang, let’s  begins with positive mindset and believe to create and make it happen.

7/ What inspires you?

People and Possibilities.

8/ How do I get myself out of depressing mood right now?

Regular outdoor exercises within your compound such as jogging or biking will help to loosen your body. Beyond that it is the choice of being in the now (be presence). You will be surprised with what you can accomplish!


About Daniel

Daniel Wong is the Managing Director of CIC Environmental Services Sdn Bhd (“CIC”). CIC is the leading specialized hydrocarbon and hazardous chemical waste and effluent water management company in Brunei Darussalam. He is primarily responsible for the strategic business development, corporate strategy, merger and acquisition, regional and international expansion, facilities maintenance and operations management, legal risk and quality for the group.

He was formerly a Senior Vice President in J.P. Morgan Chase Bank N.A., one of the largest investment banks in the world, covering South Asia Markets.