Louise Mabulo interviewed by Shaun Hoon, Founder of Curious Mind at YEC 2020

1/ The theme of the YES! 2020 conference is “It’s Your Turn!” How can the youth step up to make a difference during this difficult time?

  • One of the best ways to contribute in this time is to work on yourself. Use this time to make sure that you can be the best person you can be for the world. Develop ideas you can use for the betterment of your community, be well informed, stay connected, and facilitate meaningful discussions that help bring us closer to the solutions.
  • In these unprecedented times, it’s vital to stand in solidarity and unity. In small ways, we can help the local economy that’s struggling to get by in the midst of these disconcerting shutdowns, lockdowns, and quarantines. Buy produce from local farmers, buy gift certificates from your favourite restaurants, design solutions that can help provide valuable support for people in need of it in these times.
  • You can send food to frontliners, make masks at home to give away to community members who are exposed to the elements, or check in on people online.

2 / How do I get myself out of depressing mood right now?

No amount of anxiety will change how things are. Take your mind off the depressing news by giving yourself a mental break from the social media timelines and news. Try to fit in more exercise into your daily routine. If you can, try bringing yourself closer to Creation by planting fruit bearing trees and vegetable plants, something you will thoroughly thank yourself for in the future! Re-connect with friends you haven’t heard from in a while, or check in on people who may need some company. Try to set lofty goals, write out your hopes and dreams, and begin setting out a plan for how you could go on to achieve them! More importantly, take time to pray, for your family, for your health, for the front liners, and for the world as a whole!

3/ What is your reason for optimism for 2020?

2020 is the Decade of Restoration, 2020 is the Decade of Youth Action. Despite the world around us, we have much to hope for and look forward to. We will experience much change, yes, but it’s in these kinds of environments that we will discover the person who we really are, where we will also encounter growth, and where we can find ways to adapt and overcome.


About Louise

Louise Mabulo is an award-winning chef, entrepreneur, sustainable agriculture advocate, public speaker, competitive archer, and a graduate of Social Entrepreneurship at the Watson Institute Philippines.

she is the Founder of the Culinary Lounge, the Camarines Food and Tourism Society, and The Cacao Project. Accredited for her scope of work, Louise won a Lifetime Fellowship from the Resolution Project at the United Nations 2017 Winter Youth Assembly and was recognised as the Outstanding Youth Ambassador at the 21st Session of the United Nations Youth Assembly. 

Louise was a speaker at 2019 Youth Empowerment Conference on Teens as Future Leader.