We are excited to bring to you BIBD YES! Virtual Broadcast on Zoom, so you will not be left out while not being able to get a ticket to our physical summit.

Below are the anticipated questions and answers for the Virtual Participation.



1. Who can be Virtual Participants?

a. Students from Participating Institutions
Participating Institutions are the 30+ schools who have been nominated by Sponsors and Benefactors to send students to physically attend the Summit. These same schools may choose to host Virtual Broadcasts in their schools for other students to watch via live streaming the Day 1 of the Summit. The schools will choose pre-event who these students will be.

b. For Non-Participating Institutions
If you are a school who is interested to host a Virtual Broadcast for your students, but you are not one of the nominated schools by a Sponsor or Benefactor, please contact Shaun Hoon, Founder at shaun@curiousmind.biz

c. Individual Participants in Brunei and Overseas
We have 100 available virtual participation slots that we are opening up for free. If you are interested to register for this, please email us at hello@curiousmind.biz.

2. How do I join the Zoom session?

Please watch this video tutorial on how to Join a Meeting. You may also go to the Support page of Zoom for more information –

3. How do I get my access codes?

We will be emailing you your access codes on the week of the Summit.

4. Who can I contact in case I have problems connecting?

You may contact:
Amar Syahirah Haji Abd Murad
Program Officer

5. What if I change sessions from what I indicated in my registration form that I want to

Please inform the organiser about the change as soon as possible. But due to technical reasons, we are only able to accommodate changes on or before, Friday, November 27.
After this deadline, all chosen sessions are final.

6. Can I ask questions to the speaker virtually?

We highly encourage you to ask questions. Your school’s Zoom set up should have a camera and microphone that will allow you to communicate and ask your questions. The moderator will be facilitating the Q&A and will prompt you when you can ask your question.

7. If I want to contact the speakers after the Summit, can I please have the contact details of
the speakers?

Please message us at hello@curiousmind.biz with your inquiry for the speakers and contact details. We will forward your message to the speakers, and it will be at the discretion of the speakers to get in touch with you.

8. Why is only Day 1 live streamed? How about Day 2?

Because Day 2’s sessions are activity driven and experiential, it will be difficult for the students to benefit by participating online. Also because of the same reason, each of the sessions have limited seats to optimize the learning experience.

9. Can I choose to attend on my own the physical sessions and activities on Day 2?

No. Unfortunately, there are limited seats for Day 2 sessions and activities.

10. Will I get a Certificate of Participation?

If you attended at least two (2) hours of Virtual Broadcast, you will be entitled to a Certificate of Participation. This is only applicable for registered school participations only, unless you’d be able to provide proof that you have attended through 2 hours! Email hello@curiousmind.biz for your application.

11. How do I get my Certificate of Participation?

If you are a student from a Participating Institution, your certificate will be distributed by your school after the Summit.

If you are an Individual Participant, please collect your certificate from Yippy Tune, which is at B19 Gadong Central, from December 15, Tuesday to December 20, Sunday, during the opening hours at 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.

For overseas Individual Participants, we will email you soft copy of the Certificate of Participation.

12. Will there be a recording of the Summit sessions that I can watch after the Summit dates?

Yes. Some sessions will be uploaded on Youtube. We will be sending post event emails giving you more details about this.


1. Is it compulsory to host a Virtual Broadcast?
No, this is optional. But we highly encourage you to do so. BIBD YES! is a unique opportunity for your students to learn from international speakers from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Hungary conducting live presentations online, along with prominent entrepreneurs and youth leaders in Brunei delivering keynote addresses physically.

2. How do schools confirm to hosting the Virtual Broadcast?
The school will decide if it wants to host the live streaming of the Summit’s Day 1, which is on December 12, Saturday, for the Virtual Participation of its students. The school can decide which sessions that it wants for the students to watch.

If the school agrees, the SCHOOL will have to register as an institution who is confirmed to do the Virtual Participation using the registration link sent by the organiser. It will NOT be the students who will be registering, which is different from the Physical Participation.

3. How do the schools register the students who will participate in the Virtual Broadcast?
The school will compile the list of the students who will attend as Virtual Participants. There is no limit to the number of students attending. The list of the students attending virtually (Names, Email addresses, Mobile number) will be sent by the school to Curious Mind.

After sending the list, the students are already considered officially registered. There is no
need for the students to register individually.

4. What will be the set up required from the Participating Institutions?
Schools who confirm to be virtually broadcast the BIBD YES! Summit Day 1 will have to prepare the following:

● Allocated venue within the school premises where the students can live stream the Summit
● Set up the banner that is handed by the organizer in a strategic location
● Projector and screen
● WIFI connection
● Laptop or computer that has:
o Zoom access
o External or in-build Camera and Microphone, for when the students want to ask questions from the speakers

5. What else are required from the schools?
We request to please take pictures of the banner, and of the students with the banner. We need the pictures for our documentation.


1. How do I register to be a Virtual Participant?
Please check with your school if they have registered to virtually broadcast the BIBD YES! Summit Day 1. If yes, please register with your school directly to add your name as a Virtual Participant.

Students selected by Participating Institutions to be Virtual Participants do not need to register to the organizer. The schools will register for you.

2. What if I need to leave early?
Please coordinate this with your school. But if you participate for less than two (2) hours, you will not get a Certificate of Participation.


1. How do I register to be a Virtual Individual Participant?
If you are interested to be an Individual Participant, please email us at hello@curiousmind.biz.

2. I am from outside Brunei. Can I still be a Virtual Individual Participant?
Yes. Please contact us to facilitate your registration.

3. I am not a student anymore. Can I still be a Virtual Individual Participant?
Yes. Please contact us to facilitate your registration.